Frequently Asked Questions

Are your leather products genuine?

- Yes, we sell authentic leather products.

   Additionally, considering your request, we are also offering man-made faux leather bags.


Where are your products made?

- Our products are made in Istanbul, Turkey.


Do you use New Zealand leather?

- Yes, we do. For most of our leather garments, we use New Zealand lambskin. Please see the product descriptions.


What is the difference between New Zealand leather and other leathers?

- New Zealand leather is a high-quality material. The surface may have minimal natural scratches and defects. Nevertheless, it does not automatically imply that all products made of New Zealand leather will be high-quality. It will still depend on leather treatment and tanning procedures. We meticulously select carefully processed leather materials.


What do you mean by “high-quality leather”?

- The quality of the leather depends on several features. We select the leather that has NOT been treated with chrome or any other dangerous chemicals. 

- Our leather garments are soft and NOT heavy. We have leather garments that are suitable for all seasons.

- We use premium-quality accessories (e.g., zips) from the internationally known brand YKK. Please see the product descriptions.

- Our leather dye is biological. It will not fade away. The dye has been penetrated deeper into the back of the leather material.

- Our leather dye does not contain silicon. Therefore, our leather garments are breathable.

- Our leather has been crafted in our atelier in Istanbul by experienced and high-skilled artisans.

- Our leather is full-grain. It means that the leather products are made from the fiber-intensive part of the leather. If you touch it, you will feel the natural leather.


What is silk leather?

- Silk Leather is a thin lambskin. It is peculiar to a type of leather made in tanneries in Turkey. In Turkish, it is called "ipek deri". It is similar to Silk. This leather is soft, light, and thinner just like silk. It is a fashion leather. You can wear silk leather garments even in chilled summer evenings.  


Can you provide custom-made orders

- Please let us know if you did not find the product in your size. We will try to provide it. 

- We can also take custom-made orders. Please get in touch with us if you want a different design or size. 


 What leather have you used for your bags and wallets

- Our bags and wallets are made of cowhide leather. Some of our women's handbags are made of calfskin. All leather items come from the top part of the skin that contains more fibers. They are called full-grain leather. We provide our bags from our trusted partners with whom we have been working for a long time. 


 What is your pricing policy

- We understand that leather is an especial product and may not be easily affordable. Our leather products are reasonable. We control the quality at every stage. We are NOT working with mediators. We ourselves import the goods from our own Turkish company and take care of all logistics in New Zealand. Therefore, our direct business model can provide premium quality leather products at the best possible fair price


Are taxes included in the price

- Yes, taxes are included in the price shown on the website. 


How can I take care of my leather products

- Please see the Care Instructions


What are your shipping and return policies?

- Please see this link for more information: Shipping & Returns 


 How do you deliver my leather products

- We deliver your leather garments in water-proof cardboard boxes suitable to their sizes.