Care Instructions

Hang your leather garments properly. Never leave your leather garment folded for a long time, as this can cause creases and wrinkles. Never store your leather products in a plastic bag. Please hang your leather garments in a well-ventilated closet and give it some space. You can use padded hangers. Please avoid the direct sunlight.


Keep your leather garments dryLeather garments are not raincoats. If your leather gets wet, please hang and dry it in a room temperature.


Avoid heatKeep your leather items away from heat. Please do not leave your leather items near heating vents. Do not iron the leather.


Use leather care products. You can use good-quality leather conditioner to take extra care of your leather items.


Don’t wash your leather productsIf there is a stain, you can gently rub with a damp cloth. Avoid rubbing it if the stain is resistant.